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Pichi Bellingrath McClure is passionate and effective in helping people overcome their challenges through mastering goal setting, emotional control, and critical thinking.

As a professional speaker, Pichi leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She has spoken to hundreds of people at educational venues and personal growth events. 

Pichi, often referred to as the "Success Whisperer" for her coaching skills that bring out the best in people, is a natural born warrior. With her pragmatic, humorous style, Pichi's fusion of her own real-life stories and her conversational, interactive techniques connect with her audience on an intimate, intense, and individual level.

In Pichi's words:

I genuinely understand when people say they want a change but aren't sure how to achieve it. Sometimes, that change might seem almost impossible. I dealt with a myriad of personal and family challenges. In fact, I overcame the most difficult thing in my life--bipolar disorder.

While going through the difficult phase of my life when I reached rock bottom, I was able to recreate my mind into something both powerful and thoroughly functional.

It's my goal to help people seize the moment, realize their potential, fulfill unimagined dreams, and embrace the best version of themselves. 




Topics I speak on include:

  • Transform your life into possibilities so you can design the life you want.

  • What successful people do when things go wrong.

  • How to triumph over self-sabotaging behaviors.

  • How to maximize your potential.

  • Harness self-control to your advantage. 

  • How to create powerful and purposeful goals.

  • Implement habits, rituals, and routines for success.

  • The art of forgiveness.

  • Creating a better relationship with yourself and others.

  • Develope the self confidence needed to advance your life.

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