Here’s what some clients have said about working with me:

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Pichi is a fierce leader and a ball of brilliance. This woman has been through the trenches of adversity and came back stronger than ever. She is a light in what can be a dark and hopeless world and a voice for those who struggle. Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with and has been there for me, both challenging me and cheering me on during some of my hardest times.


Katie De Paola


Inner Glow Circle

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Pichi continues to help me find not only my genuine passion in life, but also the strength to follow MY own dreams—at long last. Her insights are remarkable. She has an uncanny way of gently but firmly getting to the core of painful roadblocks without judging, and then helping me to navigate through them with guidance and kindness. What more could you ask of someone in your quest for a satisfying life?

Betsy Berlin

Owner, Miss Pixel™ Computes

Expert Support for Mac & Windows

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Pichi is a strong coach who can help clients get through the adversities they face in life. She’s caring and kind but takes a stand for her clients, creating the space for us to get out of our own way. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to level up in their life.

Alexis Bethel
Balance by Alexis

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Right after I separated from my husband, I started working with Pichi. She lovingly helped bring me out of a dark hole by encouraging me to learn how to invite others in to help me, and showing me how to find my inner strength again! Elizabeth intuitively knows how to zero in on her clients’ strengths and invite them to step forth – fully empowered – into the light of day!

Emily Jameson
Life Coach
Emily Jameson Coaching