Apollo 11: Dare to Soar with The Eagles

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

We all have goals, but how do we do nail them? Watching the movie “Apollo 11”, it struck me how NASA and countless others within their “orbit” harnessed their special skills to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Impossible goals such as the first man landing on the moon, July 20, 1969, and then returning safely to Earth. Neil Armstrong immortalized this historic lunar landing by saying “that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” This remarkable event demonstrates each person’s capabilities in terms of the lunar mission--with regards to aptitude, skills, intellect, personal will and desire to collaborate in a complex team of like-minded people. They are like rocket-minded individuals who dream of the impossible. Yes, you can realize your dream, and by doing so, your small steps towards your seemingly unreachable goal in spreading your dream to those you directly touch, and in turn, making it a great leap for the betterment of mankind.

The analogy of one success, is that of the rocket commandeered by the space crew demonstrates the key of our own success and hitting our goals. When the rocket was on the launch pad, a serious, life-threatening event occurred. The Apollo 11 was almost scrubbed, due to liquid hydrogen leakage. NASA overcame this crisis. It got fixed in time for lift off. Like NASA, we all have obstacles that must be overcomed in order to succeed. When dealing with our obstacles we have to plow right through it, go around it, or go underneath it. When one method doesn’t work, try another, and another, until we get want we want done. Let’s keep the eye on the prize until we get what we want.

Once the astronauts’ obstacle of the fuel leakage was fixed, the crew took off from the launch pad. The launch of the rocket into outer space was slow but gained both force and momentum as the ship broke through Earth’s atmosphere into deep space. Like these heroic American astronauts, we must start our goal journey slowly, carefully, step-by-step, as NASA planned before our heroes strapped on their space-suits, preparing for lift off. The synergy of every step will bring forth an accumulation that will gain momentum to propel you towards your success.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

One of the ways to gain lift off with regards to the rocket’s trajectory is an operation called acceleration maneuver. By the sheer influence of the rocket rotating around Earth, the rocket is thrusted into the outer atmosphere with greater force of trajectory, towards its ultimate target, the moon.

Your own life’s trajectory can be accelerated to attain your goals by finding people who can be wise mentors, to set your own trajectories. Another way you gain momentum, is by taking classes which accomplishes the same thing as finding a knowledgeable individual to help you. Moreover, hiring a coach or a therapist to help you from misdirecting your capsules, will propel more accurately, where they were destined.

As the rocket moves through space it separates leaving behind the now useless parts of the rocket that do not serve the mission anymore. Just like the rocket you must unload all things that no longer serve you, your purpose and/or your goal.

Once the rocket is unencumbered, it moves towards the seemingly impossible goal. The crew, mission control and all of the thousands of people who planned for the mission did everything to set up the optimal outcome for the lunar landing. And they did indeed! As Neil Armstrong’s famous words describe this remarkable feat: “The eagle has landed."

Throughout the ages man has marveled at the moon with awe and wonder. Not until modern times could a man think of actually stepping onto the moon and come back to Earth safely. It truly represents a seemingly impossible goal. But today, it is very attainable. If America can do the impossible by pulling together as a nation, and do the extraordinary, you can do the extraordinary in your life. Through vision, hard work, consistency, and teamwork, and never giving up on yourself, you can do it. We all can do it.

Let’s hear again the stirring words of President John F. Kennedy on why the United States wanted to put the first men on the moon. It was not a task, President Kennedy said, because it was easy, but because it is hard. When you execute your hard, insurmountable goal, you’ll beam like the sunlight on the Moon’s surface. You will be so proud that you’re soaring with the eagles, for you are one eagle that’s landed.


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