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Believe it or not, forgiveness changes you. And, that is what matters.

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

I realize that forgiveness is an ocean of humanity where you see the imperfection of others and understand your own humanness. It is through this interplay of our human imperfections and our forgiveness of flaws that we connect and heal. Understanding our interpersonal relationships with regards to our faults and the impact of those faults on others and ourselves, coupled with forgiveness, allow individuals to relinquish negative emotions like vindictiveness, hatred, and self-loathing. By doing so, you free yourself and the offender. Through this life-affirming and necessary skill—forgiveness—you see the grace of the universe. True forgiveness brings light into darkness; however—you may choose to forgive someone and not want to see them again. It makes no matter, as forgiveness brings the world of peace within and enables you to move forward in calmness, strength, and resilience. Moreover, you possess the increased capacity to wish the wrongdoer well, and by doing so, you transmute from the oppressive chains of negativity to one of our unalienable rights endowed by our Creator—and that is: liberty. Liberty: the state of being free within society from oppressive limitations forced by authority on one’s chosen way of life. In short, possessing the power to act as one shall please. Not only can governments try to oppress individuals’ unalienable right of liberty in society, individuals can snuff out their own freedoms by others inflicted tyranny on them, because they don’t practice the art and skill of forgiveness. It is a dance.

In many cases, the dance of the transgressor and the victim in relation to how the victim becomes the transgressor and vice versa creates a dynamic exchange between people that is infinite. It has occurred since the dawning of time and will continue to occur in perpetuum. This dance is the dance of the ages for it can teach us the steps of eternal emotional forgiveness, and by doing so—we become free. In other words, forgiveness is the power to your freedom: freedom of thought, freedom to feel, and freedom to act as you damn please without being shackled to another person’s negativity or your own. It is this freedom of forgiveness—this power—which lays the seeds of love for humanity.

Forgiveness is the power to your freedom. As you peer into the eyes of another, you glean from the look the understanding that the reflection of imperfections you see in the other is indeed the imperfections of the other as well as the imperfection of yourself. Throughout immutable time, this human interconnectedness coupled with the art of forgiveness and its skills empower us to freedom and gives us a tool to understand our own dark limitations and to transcend towards the light of love.

Through this light of love, we glimpse the eye of God for its agape love where grace teaches the intertwining aspects of imperfections and forgiveness and how they are necessary for existence. It is through this dance of such elements that teach we humans the concepts of liberty and love. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human experience, and as such, our major lesson to learn is unconditional love for others and ourselves.

Our purpose in life is not to have a fat bank account, which of course is nice, nor is to have the hottest body, which is very appealing, nor to possess the so-called perfect life, which we strive for, nor to produce children, which some can’t. Our purpose in life is—to learn unconditional love. Through the never-ending cycles of the transgressor and the victim, the victim and transgressor, as well as the lessons of forgiveness that we learn unconditional love for others and ourselves. Unconditional love is complete love without condition or limit. Unconditional love is the quintessential form of freedom. In loving unconditionally, we learn to be angels of love on Earth.