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"Helping people get unstuck so they can unleash their full potential to live more fulfilling lives." Pichi

Hi! I’m Pichi. I’m a life coach and motivational speaker and I’m here to help you transform your life.


I genuinely understand when clients say they want a change but aren’t sure how to achieve it. Sometimes, that change might seem almost impossible.


I understand the importance of support, having had several professional mentors help me along my journey. We’re not in this alone. I decided it was time to serve others in that same way.


I will provide you support as you take responsibility for your life. I’m thrilled to work with you to design action-steps you can start immediately. With this type of hands-on guidance and support, you will learn to hold yourself accountable, overcome your challenges and create the life you want by taking you to the next level.



Are you feeling out of alignment in your personal life? Do you feel like challenges upon challenges are burdening you and stopping you from attaining your potential and maximal success?


We start our work together by exploring the challenges you are experiencing. Beginning with your initial intake session, we will co-create a plan that will begin moving you full-speed ahead. As an experienced, qualified life coach, my goal is to instill enthusiasm in you and encourage you to accomplish more than you thought you could. Together, we will begin the process of supporting you to better understand the challenges you are facing, define the causes these challenges, and develop effective solutions.


Communication plays a significant role in personal, professional, and relationship challenges. I will help you understand how your words and thoughts may be influenced by current fears or past trauma. The different ways we react to a situation are influenced by our personal experiences. When you recognize how your current behavior is shaped by past events, you can take the first step toward forgiving yourself and taking back control of your life.


I will help you claim responsibility for your life and work with you to design action-steps you can implement immediately to help you achieve your goals and create the life you want.  With this type of hands-on guidance and support-- you will take charge of yourself,  learn to hold yourself accountable, overcome your challenges and empower an autonomous personal life.


I overcame dyslexia, five parental divorces, my mother’s abandonment, challenging father and sibling relationships, bipolar disorder, and a lot of people telling me “you can’t do it”.


Are you ready to peel off those insecure layers and overcome your fears and doubts? Will you step through the threshold of transformation? Doing so will enable you to achieve what once seemed impossible.

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